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Guns. Gun purchases are up in the pandemic. I had assumed that those gun owners with 10 guns now owned 11 and I didn't pay much attention. I heard something today suggesting that it wasn't just the same old people buying guns. That got me thinking about what it would take for me to buy a gun. One person was quoted as saying, "It's really a choice about how you are going to die and how hard your will fight for life" as the rationale for a gun. There is much in that statement that I don't agree with but the underlying assumption is that life is more dangerous and that this is a topic with renewed urgency. I don't want to own a gun. I don't want to be in a home of someone with a gun. I'm not even terribly comfortable with police carrying guns. I think the UK has this figured out much better, but that led me to think about what would it take. What would it take for me to buy a gun?


I suspect if the streets increasingly had pick up trucks with machine guns mounted in the truck bed driving around town, that my perspective might change. If I lived in the woods I might want a gun to protect myself from bears. As black and white as the topic feels in my mind, I realize it is not a black and white issue. Gun owners used to be highly aligned with the GOP but with NRA alleged fraud and clueless policing tactics, liberals seem to be protecting themselves from the these increased risks. We've begun a cycle that may be hard to keep in check.


I also heard a discussion about the first amendment and the second amendment and if one supersedes another. If an open carry law allows a handful of individuals to intimidate the free speech and peaceful assembly of others then which amendment comes first. I'm not sure what the Supreme Court would say but the first amendment was interpreted to conclude that free speech was not absolute, but it's the second amendment that specifically uses the phrase "well regulated." Conclusion: first amendment trumps the second amendment and open carry permits are unconstitutional for use at public gatherings. I have ruled.




Hot. It was 107 degrees yesterday in Redwood City. The air conditioning worked until 3pm. A neighbor posted a photo of the temperature inside their house was at 91. Thankfully we stretched our cool for most of the evening. Repairman coming today.


Day 180. This is the accounting equivalent to half a year. Seems like a milestone. Not sure why I'm still writing. This will stop. Life moves on. Or at least it better!


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