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Orange Wednesday.  The fires blanketing California have turned the sky orange. Despite the hour (9am) the light looks like sunset. The sky is orange, there are no shadows and the house is too dark to function without lights. Thankfully the fire closest to us is under control but other fires in the state have sent smoke high above the Bay Area--enough to block out the light, but high enough that it's not directly effecting our air quality which is thankfully in the moderate range (an improvement over the past three weeks).


Football. I lost my bet that the NCAA wouldn't play. I'm still convinced that it's a mistake. Time will tell. In the meantime I find myself looking forward to watching professional football this week. Watching the Hard Knocks series which covers two teams during the preseason, I'm impressed by the level of effort the league has made to stay safe and yet I just don't understand why it's so hard for people to wear a mask, keep it on their face and cover their fricken noses!




Halloween. Los Angeles initially cancelled Halloween. Then they suggested alternatives including a drive by costume parade and then someone started walking it back and saying that ultimately trick or treating was up to the parents. No, it's up to the houses that distribute candy as well. No one told us when we bought this house that people would come from all parts of the city to trick or treat in our neighborhood. In those early years we experienced the serious stress when we got wiped out of our candy supply even before 7pm. We learned this lesson, enjoy being a popular destination and love the interactions with the kids (except when there is a World Series happening). After a couple of years of experience under our belts we've always been well prepared ever since. Our lights will be off this year. For the first time in our 25 years in this house, there will be no candy. At least given to strangers. There will definitely be candy in the house for the number one trick or treater! Me! And the answer to your question is always Kit Kat.


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