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Disaster Blender. Fires, hurricanes, shootings, vigilantes, political lies, politicians that force the scientists to ignore the science. It's all bad today.




Car Buying. I don't like it. I don't do it very often. It's a chore with little pleasure. Until this go around the average time between car purchases was 8 years. I waited 14 this time. It turns out that this is a sellers market and demand is outstripping supply. I just read that this morning but struggled to cut a deal. I couldn't get the options that I wanted. I found the car that looked good but I when I tried to negotiate I was told this was not a discountable car. What? I'd never heard of such a thing. Then I googled the VIN and saw that the same model was an hour away in Walnut Creek. And that it was advertised at a price below what the local guy offered me. Clearly he needed to add cost to move it from Walnut Creek to here. So after some negotiation I got the price down from the Walnut Creek guy. I waited a day and called to close the deal. He quoted me a higher price. I reminded him of the offer. There was a long pause as he put me on hold. Looks like he made a mistake. He would ultimately honor his mistake. You never really know if you got a good deal or not but I'm not going to entertain any other thoughts right now. Pick it up on Sunday. If the trade in can make the drive to Walnut Creek!


Imaginary Land. The Republican Convention ended last night on the lawn of the White House. The People's House was transformed into a Trump branded icon and they packed over 1,000 maskless supporters onto the grounds. It was outdoors which was the only good thing about the set up. They couldn't have been closer and there were very few masks. The crowd was political and the Republican party effectively ignored the science and the guidelines that their administration has offered. The standard being set are, it's ok to catch it.  By the way the visual of 1,000 people on the South Lawn roughly matched the daily death toll for the virus. This is irresponsible and unacceptable and I haven't even talked about what was said!


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