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Smoke Still in the Air.  Another day of air not worth breathing. I now work with Purple Air website up on my computer so that I can watch hour by hour. Last night was gorgeous and we slept with the windows open until we woke at 4 in the morning to the smell of smoke in the room. We took a quick dog walk just to take care of business and have returned back to the protection of our closed windows.


Electricity. Why is electricity a "public good" but health care isn't? The rates of electricity are set by government, not by the private sector. The rates for health care are set by everyone except government. The ability to lay cable in a community for televisions is regulated. Why isn't healthcare?  Water and sewage are both public goods, but health care is not. Education is a public good provided by society for all, but health care is not. Mail is a public good no matter how remote your address might be. And yet internet access is not? How can all of these services be elevated above health care?


And for those that suggest health care should be a public good we are called socialists with the implication that our society and our lifestyle will be destroyed. I watched a story about a WWII resistance doctor who built a hidden hospitals that the Nazi's never found. The woman who ran the hospital offered care to everyone, Germans included. It's a museum today and she is held up as one of the heroes from an otherwise horrible time.  Life is the ultimate electricity. It doesn't have to be free. It does have to become a public good that's regulated.




New Car. Purchased a new car. Don't do that too often. Last new car was 14 years ago.  Lots of manuals to read. I like reading manuals.


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