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Smoke Still in the Air. It was nice last night so we opened up the windows only to have to shut them all in the middle of the night as the smoke returned. Air quality in the 150s this morning.


Car Shopping. I've been trying to shop for a car from the comfort of my home. I don't pretend that it will be a completely virtual process but I like the process better so far. Nothing worse than shopping for a car.




Vaccine. Science is trying to set new records to introduce a vaccine to the virus. The previous record for a vaccine is something like four years and now we are hoping for something completed in just one year. A poll came out this morning that suggests, among other things, that one-third of Americans will pass on getting a vaccine. Is that the measure of the percentage of Americans that believe in science and scientific methods? Is that the percentage of Americans who are simply uneducated and uninformed? It seems crazy to me that anyone would not trust the careful phased approach to testing that is supposed to involve more than 30,000 people and careful testing both in terms of safety and efficacy. Our scientists know what they are doing and yet one-third of Americans trust their instinct and question the expertise of those that have built on centuries of human knowledge to help us. And yet I suspect that these are the same people who might take a drug simply on the president's recommendation with no scientific blessing.


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