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Outdoor Issues. I wanted something from the Home Depot garden center. I have no interest in going inside Home Depot unless I have to, but now they've concluded that there will be no outdoor shopping at Home Depot unless it is preceded by a jaunt through the building. Not a big deal but no logical reason for not letting me walk in.


Car Shopping. The plan was to buy a new car this fall. We have two cars on "last legs" one of which the boys are using in the city. The other is surviving in our driveway. I started the process but my heart is just not in it. The truth is that I only set foot in a car once a week and I don't see that changing for a while. I need to find a place to go more often!




College. My nephew started college his kitchen table. I have no idea what the great minds at USC have planned for him but the more I imagined what it might be like, it dawned on me that I would struggle to make friends this way. Hell, I struggled to make friends in person when I was in college. Study partners and the communal feeling that was required to raise the academic game from high school isn't something that happens by itself. One of the drawbacks of platforms like Zoom is the small delay from speaking until the other person hears what was said. And when multiple people speak at once it's a disaster. As good as Zoom might be for simulating a real meeting, it's horrible at simulating real life social interactions. They said it takes a village to raise a kid, it takes that same village to get through university. Hopefully this will be a quick blip on his academic calendar. At least the food and laundry service at home should be good.


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