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Hot. It's hot, muggy and it doesn't cool off at night. That combination is very unusual and the news said this was projected to be the worst heat wave in a about a decade. No problem, we flip the air conditioning switch (which many can't do) and we're good. But now the power load on the state is too high. If it's not one thing it's another. Oh to ONLY have first world problems again.


Big Bands. The dog has been a little on edge the last few months--at night especially. We've been playing music in the living room for her while we watch TV in the den. It turns out there is a local station run out of a high school that plays exclusively big band music. It mellows the dog almost instantly. It reminds us of those we have lost. It's good for relaxing humans while keeping the toe tapping.


Halloween. So what's the deal and why aren't more people talking about our collective Halloween plan. It has to be cancelled this year. Not adjusted, but cancelled. There are to be no gatherings and no door to door anything. That's just the way it has to be. Why isn't this obvious. We saw an article that said "big chocolate" wasn't worried. I guess that means we are either going to give it away or eat it ourselves. That's probably true. My big takeaway was that I wanted to read more sentences with the word "big chocolate" in it. And that makes me think about the excellent chocolate life I've led. I've had Belgian chocolate in Belgium. I toured Nestle in Switzerland. I've tasted England's finest chocolates with fresh cream. And I've watched Hershey's Kisses being manufactured by the millions. I've led a good chocolate life. I've ranked my Halloween candy top 10 below.

  1. Kit Kat

  2. Twix

  3. Chocolate Tootsie Pop

  4. Hershey Special Dark

  5. Krackle / Nestles Crunch

  6. Baby Ruth

  7. M&Ms

  8. Peanut M&Ms

  9. All other Tootsie Pops

  10. Snickers

Soccer in the Park. I called the Sheriff's office again about the soccer players. According to the county "outdoor non contact exercise that don't involve the hands are ok" presuming some level of social distancing. In the Sheriff's judgment the soccer was maintaining an appropriate  level of social distancing. The county admits that the guidance isn't as clear as it could be according to the officer. No further action is required. There are 40 people in the park playing full shin guard contact soccer.




Thunder & Lightning. Lots of it! Starting about 3am. Dog couldn't sleep. Wife couldn't sleep. Continued until 9:30. I slept fine. I've been rewarded with the bulk of the chores for the day!


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