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Projects. I don't think I'll be good at retirement. I'm happiest when I'm busy. Idle time is my curse. I'm not sure I can come up with enough to do once I retire. Sure I have hobbies like photography, but I can't fill my days with photography. This virus blog is designed to chronicle history as it happens and to that end, I found another non-work project to fill my quarantine time. I discovered pages from a photo album that came from my grandmother's collection. I'm slowly going photo by photo trying to find massively faded, ripped and damaged photos and trying to recover them digitally. I've spent more than a couple of hours in the early 1960s cleaning up images of myself and my brothers as boys. It's a good project. They will now be preserved forever. Will post some later. Hope someone years from now appreciates this effort. I wonder if this family's history will be of interest to others years and even centuries from now.




High School Football. I saw photos from a high school football game in Utah. The stands were masked. The players were not. This is shameful. Where are the adults that have to conclude that there is too much unknown to risk these types of interactions? We are willing to risk our high school students? Where are the parents? Are they listening to the lies from the White House and is that why they believe there is no risk? Are they ignoring the thousands of medical professionals with more expertise than the politicians? Shameful. History will judge.


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