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A New Year. Had a great birthday if for no other reason than it meant being out of the house for 8 hours. What a feeling. We went to the zoo to get reacquainted with all our friends. The masks were on and the small crowd seemingly did their best to make things as normal as possible. From there we crossed town to get food followed by a picnic with the boys under the shadow of Scott's lab. We returned home for dog petting, cake and ultimately I faded into my pillow while reading my book. Perfect day.


The Universe. Somewhere in that day of celebration I turned on an old show from the SciFi channel. It was the story of our universe. It's a story I've heard before but I picked up some important new details and refreshed some old memories. When they say that our universe is 32 billion years old that sort of makes celebrating just one of those years almost pointless. The best of us get to 100 years and that's one three millionth of one percent of the universe's age. We are but a blip of light and while our ability to measure and deduce data (like the age of the universe) is amazingly smart, at the same time the show's focus was on just how much we don't know. And what we don't know is probably the most important stuff. Even Einstein couldn't take us all the way there. At the same time we are able to build on the shoulders of others. We know more than we did in Einstein's day. We used his brain to get here and we've used subsequent brains to get further. This coordinated knowledge transfer should take us to amazing places. To be fair we've only been making real progress on knowledge transfer for the past two thousand years (still talking about 32 billion) or so. I suspect that we will continue to learn more at an accelerated rate but we'll never come close to understanding the biggest questions.




Quarantine Art. I willingly posted my art. I recognize that I'm not demonstrating any remarkable talent but somehow making the art public feels like part of what it takes to get better.


Quarantine Sleep. My fitbit tells me I got 9 and a quarter hours of sleep last night. My intent was to read. I don't think I made it much past 9:00. My wife was thrilled enough to photograph me in my sleep stupor.


Dingleberry. One of the great words that you learn on the playground. My mom, however, despite spending a career on an elementary playground never seemed to learn that word. It's a great word until you know what it means.


Garage Workout. I had my best workout of the quarantine while blasting this concert on my headphones. Maybe one of the best concerts of all time.


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