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Online Learning. Began an online course in sketching. Online learning looks great so far. You can rewind if you want to see something again. Pause and take your time on assignments and generally move forward at your own pace. I recognize that school age children may not have the level of educational maturity that I have, but I think there is plenty of opportunity for college students to focus a little more on the work and a little less on the party. Sorry about the loss of parties, but I suspect we'll find that these students are more educationally accomplished when this is all done.




Death. In San Mateo County we have about 5600 cases on a population of 727K. That's about 3/4 of one percent. Of those 119 have died pandemic to date. That's about 2% of those who tested positive. That said I don't know anyone who has tested positive let alone died from it. Eve knows of people that have contracted the virus but luckily no one that was hospitalized. Today I learned that a colleagues father just died of the virus. A few weeks ago he and his brother both visited their parents on the same weekend. The brother is a doctor from Arizona and my colleague from the Bay Area. The parents live in Bakersfield. This small family reunion ended with the dad going to the hospital. Then he had to be transferred to a larger city. I did get an update last week that he was doing better but that apparently changed. While this is personally more "concept" than "reality" it's certainly getting closer to home.


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