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Birthday. Today the monotony of quarantine gets broken. For the first time since last September, I'm taking a day off of work. For the first time since February (I think) we have an outing planned for entertainment (we're going to the zoo). I'm excited. Feels like an adventure and proves the old saying that "absence makes the heart grow fonder." There will be animals. There will be lunch. There will be at least some interactions with our children. There will be chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream. This may turn into the biggest day of the year.  Not as thrilled about being 58. I thought back the halfway point in my age and started to think about my life when I was 29. It turns out that that was a long time ago. No kids, home owner, working at a big company. Commuting to Santa Clara. Wore a tie to work. The USSR ended. Wonder what will be happening when I'm 116?


NBA.  This blog started with a cancelled NBA game. When the NBA suspended their season and Tom Hanks tested positive, that changed everything in how we looked at the virus. The NBA returned. They played without masks. They live in a virus-free bubble. It was nice to see what looked like normal TV. Sports back. Happy again.


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