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Politicians Matter. The lack of any significant national virus strategy and the linking of prioritizing "opening the economy" as a political requirement seems to be creating the perfect Petrie Dish to test if politicians really matter. California has fired it's "red alert" alarms and so has Texas and you can literally see the growth charts change  within days. In fact, the change looks a little too fast in some cases. But what's even more clear is that when politicians don't act to close the economy, that the virus rages and the hospitals are overwhelmed. This demonstrate that the people are listening and taking their clues from leaders. I suspect in reality the politicians are reflecting what they see in their constituents and the constituents are influenced by what they are watching on TV and talking to in their community.  Why can't our national strategy at least be to advise all Americans that we "Find should find our entertainment at home. We should avoid public social interactions. And we should stay away from other people as much as possible while leaving public spaces for essential services."


This will get worse. Deaths will increase. Health care will suffer. A family member was sent home because they didn't have enough beds to deliver a baby. My mother went to the Emergency Room last night with her husband and was more worried about being in the building than her husband's ailment.  The trends seem obvious. This is going to start getting a lot worse.


In other news, baseball and basketball start soon!




What will he do next? If I try to put myself in Trump's head and think of a way to save this election, I can think of only one sure fire strategy. Start a war. Pick a country of little consequence. Create an incident that makes it look like this is in our national defense. And then let the bombs fly. Fly the flag and try to ride those opinion polls. It's probably reasonable as a strategy but it requires a completely immoral and mentally deranged person to accomplish this. Oh wait.


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