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Land. For hundreds of years land owners have largely controlled society. To own land is a form of establishment that would go on to be described as the American dream. As a homeowner since 1990 I guess I'm living that American dream, but I never appreciated that land more than I do now. Like a prisoner I'm on my land at least 23 hours a day only stepping beyond my property line for a brief dog walk. Most days I'm limited to little more than the distance my legs can carry me (and that my dog is willing to walk). This has driven an appreciation of having land I can call my own and I was struck by what a tiny slice of America and of our planet that my land represents. It's an insignificant chunk and yet it is the center of my universe. I'm confident that their are creatures in my backyard that have never left the confines of my property. This is my world. Travel happens but one or two days a week and at that, the travel rarely ventures beyond the neighboring cities. I'm lucky to have land. It would feel different if lived in a building with other people. Land that is shared is less of the dream.




League Play. I watched part of a baseball game last night. Fake fan fans...still had a stadium announcer and stadium graphics on the centerfield sign. I guess they are going to do this thing. I've read a blend of strategies for professional sports. The NBA is living in a bubble designed to protect them of the outside world and during their last test they had no positive tests. Football is a little further out but their plan was publicized...two negative tests in a row to play and then testing every other day. Will this be enough. I hope so. I asked myself if any of this could have been predicted back in the early days. The answer is "yes." We knew enough even back in April to conclude that in order to be "safe" we would need massive, frequent and fast testing and an isolation protocol. I remember hearing about testing but for whatever reason my brain was slow to understand just how difficult it would be to try to reopen what used to be a normal activity. This was well understood in April by the experts but for some reason it took me months to really understand the implications.


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