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The Zoo. I have an outing planned to visit the zoo on my birthday. There haven't been very many outings since March. I can't think of an outing where the objective was purely pleasure. I will wear a mask. I will be smiling the whole time. I'm going to the zoo.




Sit Rep. Here's the situation: we're three and a half months away from the presidential election. The president's approval is fading and he appears to be increasingly campaigning to a narrower and narrower segment of society. His business over lives message seems hollow when communities are feeling the medical urgency in their communities. He fuels the resistance to face masks including retweeting a claim that it's a hoax and that government agencies lie about the dangers. Both the economy and the health crisis is likely to carry forward on the same trajectory until election day. Even the GOP Senate seems to have having trouble in the 23 seats that they will defend this fall. We've seen small pockets break away from the President's message, but few are willing to truly distance themselves from this president. The politicians who are most firmly embracing the president's message, also seem to be from states that are having the hardest time wrestling with the health risk. When Alabama mandated mask wearing, it's not an exaggeration to say that the tide has turned (although it is a pun). My analysis is that he is going to go down. The real question is will he be ultimately punished for his self-centered approach to leading this country.


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