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Vacations. My son is in Tahoe but with a small group one of which is his new roommate. The other son is planning a trip to Colorado. Again not a ton of people but it involves an airplane ride. I friend drove to Utah and back seeing the national parks along the way. Another is headed off to a lakeside cabin in Michigan. I even heard someone say that they couldn't meet today because they were traveling on business for the day. This almost feels like we are getting back to normal. We didn't argue with the boys and their need for vacations. Everyone makes up their own minds. I'm sure it's possible to vacation and travel safely. I heard about a salon where both workers tested positive but then they traced all 120 customers that were exposed an no one had symptoms or had tested positive. The conclusion? Masks. I'm sure it's possible to safely vacation. I'm not sure I know how to vacation at home thus I see no vacations in my immediate future. I would like to go to the zoo for the day. That might be as close as I get.




Watch List. San Mateo and San Francisco are the ONLY two Bay Area counties where you can get a haircut and a number of other privileged activities. I suspect that people from the other 7 counties just might get in their cars and travel here. Well both San Mateo and San Francisco are quickly finding their numbers growing fast enough that we can expect these special privileges to be suspended. That means the haircut I had planned in two weeks is in jeopardy. First thought: quick get it done today. Second thought: there's a reason why they are shutting it down. I'll let you know if I have a third thought.


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