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Colleague Gets It. Heard from a colleague yesterday that both his parents tested positive. His Bakersfield parents hosted him and his brother (four people). The weekend ended with four people experiencing symptoms, his parents have both tested positive. His father went to the hospital last night. His mom is experiencing significant symptoms. My friend and his brother have been tested and await results. The brother is a surgeon who is needed back in Arizona, but apparently he's grounded. The story continues.




Let's Review. 39 of 50 states are showing virus growth. Hospitalizations climbing in many large states. It seems crystal clear that our efforts to reopen have backfired. It seems like we've forgotten the NYC lesson we learned only a few months ago. There is one guy yelling from the roof tops to stay away from people and wear a mask. He is now being discredited by the president, his administration and it's frankly just disgusting. This is disgusting. This feels like groundhog day. Who still believes this administration's lies? Not our allies! And yet look at all the people who still support him!


Trump has a net -14.6 approval rating today. He had his strongest approval of his term as recently as
March (mid-pandemic) only to reverse course during the Black Lives Matter protests.

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