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Good bye June. This is a short week. While Summer may be a week old already, this is the week when it really hits home. Fireworks are driving the dog crazy. This won't be a normal Fourth of July weekend, but we're together, we're healthy and everyone is busy. I've often thought that the goal of life is to be happy. And as humans finding out how to be happy is our biggest challenge. Sometimes we think we know only to realize that our solutions don't work. Sometimes we think we can't be happy because we can't get the thing we need to be happy. Life is very much the pursuit of happiness. I'm happy today. The house is full.


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From Full to Empty. For the first time since the virus started we are staring down an empty house beginning this weekend. It's been nice to have Kevin home but he moves into an apartment in SF beginning July 1st. Scott, who we first saw this weekend also returns to his SF life. Mom and Dad are left to isolate in isolation.


Dodgers vs. Giants. There is no baseball right now. There may not be any time soon despite what MLB says. But one thing is clear the Nor Cal people are ahead of the So Cal people because their virus cases are spiking while ours are just up. LA allowed haircuts and other relaxation of restrictions much sooner than Nor Cal and it appears they are paying for that decision now. Another day above 40,000 yesterday. While not a record, the seven day moving average certainly is.


Travel. We had the busiest air day since the pandemic began. Airlines were flying at 24% of what they were doing this time last year. And in case we have ideas, the EU just declared American tourists persona non grata this summer because we haven't been able to control the virus like they have in the EU.


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