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Welcome To July. This is the fifth month of the pandemic. I guess it depends on when you started counting. I've been counting since mid-March. I like July. It's the month of my birth. When I think of July I think of warmth, swimming, ice cream and birthday presents. This won't be a normal July. I'm up to my eyeballs in work. For the first time in a long time there are no summer plans for anyone other than work. This July I'm thinking more about the new Netflix show we can watch. Last July I was thinking about our trip to Japan. Small pleasures have more impact than past years. As a way of remembering last summer's vacation, Scott went to the Asian Market and bought lots of great goodies. These are not rare or special but they immediately took us to a different place and a different time.


I learned that a young relative Scott's age quit his new job and decided to drive across the country because apparently his work environment was not the same life fulfilling job he had hoped for. On the one hand I applaud his ability to make changes in his life and not be a victim to society's prescription. And yet I worry that finding a new job that is more fulfilling just got a lot harder. Anyone returning to work and wearing a mask during the warmth of July is not having as much fun. And even those of us trapped in our homes while we work are struggling to make this all fun. No business trips, no mind expanding conferences. Meetings work differently. Exercise became more difficult. July is not the same.




Record Day. Over 50,000 new cases reported yesterday. That's a record.  Positivity rate as high as 30% in some places. Lag in completing tests extends to 5 days in some places. The only good news is that it's skewing toward young people and their hospitalization, and ultimately death rate, is lower. Old people are still in hiding. And yet the stock market booms.


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