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Father's Day. Another milestone ticks by.


I cut my own hair. This is a sentence that no one should ever have to write but I cut my own hair for the second time. I was a little more bold and a little less careful and it shows. But the real news is that I don't care. I remember tears and fret about haircuts growing up. My parents insisted and I liked my hair naturally long. I was forced to get a haircut once and told the barber that I wanted a haircut that didn't look like a haircut. He was an old guy and his laugh suggested that that was a first in his long career. I practically disowned my mother when she cut my hair once but did it while she was talking on the phone and only paying half attention. She sat there on the bed and every once in a while would say "turn" as she worked her way around my head. When she was done the left side was significantly higher than the right side and I was furious. But yesterday I butchered my own hair. I gave myself an hourglass trim. And I don't feel a fleck of embarrassment. I even dreamt that I was in a restaurant and said, "I cut my own hair today" and immediately the entire restaurant turned to look at me. I smiled in my dream. I just don't care.




Stealing Office Supplies. There are a few things I miss about going to the office every day. For the record, the title of this post is in jest, but there's a decent list of things I miss. I miss time when I'm not accountable. As goofy as it sounds during my commute I'm free of work, free of home and free of responsibilities. I don't feel that way too much working from home. I suspect that visiting the office once in a blue moon would likely satisfy any urges I have in this regard. Sometimes I miss the over air conditioned office. Sometimes I miss the office urinal which requires less aim and concentration. Sometimes I miss the one-button press coffee machine or even the desk that rises and falls based on my hourly posture needs. Ok, that's all I miss.


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