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Emails.  Still the GO-TO communication tool. This slack chat is like a never-ending vomit stream of mostly useless information that you can never find if you need it, but no I'm not cranky. I had 50 emails waiting for me when I sat down at 7am this morning. I don't go to bed until my email basket is empty. Many more would start coming in and continue through most of the day. I responded to 25 of those 50 emails today. I think I give as good as I get. There's a raw level of accountability with email that doesn't happen with other mediums. So answer your emails people. Ignore the ads but how about we put a bit more muscle into over communicating. Mic drop.




California. We aren't doing so well as a state. To be fair the Bay Area seems to be doing better than other parts of the state. The chart below shows a record in daily reported cases at a time when the rest of the world is demonstrating declines. All of a sudden Italy looks like a much safer place to be. It seems clear that as we continue to open up, that our trends are no longer following trends of places like Italy. Is it as simple as masks? Is it as simple as prioritizing health over gatherings and recreation? Are we behaving because we care more about business than people? The stock market is trading at an all time high multiple of earnings. That simply can't continue. Business needs healthy people.



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