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Is it wrong? The state of Florida had a record day for the number of new virus cases. The state that was slow to shut down and quick to open has seen a massive surge beyond just yesterday's numbers. Texas, Arkansas and Arizona also appear to have their hands full. And yet the President is holding a rally this weekend. He plans to fill an indoor stadium and while masks are available, they will not be required. I hope they don't wear masks. I hope the virus spreads. I hope people will overwhelm the hospitals. Isn't that horrible that I could want all those things? Yes. But look at the US as compared to the rest of the world. We have failed to squash this thing and we now know that that is likely because we are reluctant to wear masks. That's got to end. I just don't see that ending until people die because they don't wear a mask. Americans aren't all that smart but they understand death and pain. Sometimes in life a few need to make a sacrifice for the many. Tulsa, OK will be tested this weekend.




Day 99. NY Gov Andrew Cuomo ended his daily press conferences after 100+ days. That feels like an appropriate milestone for me as well. That said, I still find that I have lots to say. Like how about someone make a mask that displays what you say in writing. It would be great for our deaf friends who can no longer read lips. While you are at it record and transcribe everything I say every day and post it here on this blog. Oh my god how boring!


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