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Vulnerable. We thought we were so much better than 1918 or the pandemics that preceded. It had been a hundred years and we were quite confident in our knowledge, in our technology. 2020 is not 1918. What happened then couldn't happen now. So here's a force that has brought an entire planet to its knees. That hasn't happened before. Our communication moves at the speed of light and as one we gone to roost from a global threat. Imagine the alien ship that's been monitoring Earth for the past hundred years.


First Officer. Captain, there seems to be a problem on Earth.

Captain: Report

First Officer: The humans have gone into their hives.

Captain: Are they dead?

First Officer: No, we see a few of them scurry around as usual, but the hives have stopped the normal buzzing.

Captain: Are we talking about just one part of the Earth?

First Officer: No sir. The unusual behavior seems to be consistent across the globe.

Captain: That's weird. They can never agree on anything and you are saying that they've all agreed to do the same thing?

First Officer: Yes sir, that's what appears to have happened. Oh, wait, just a second. Sir, we see small states within the US that continue to be buzzing.

Captain: Does it look like these are the leaders trying to rally everyone else?

First Officer: The people buzzing don't exhibit any superior intelligence, in fact...

Captain: Health report!

First Officer: Most of them appear to be healthy so it's not clear why they aren't buzzing.

Captain: Are they just consuming stored nectar?

First Officer: Yes sir, that appears to be the case. In fact our scans suggest that the humans have gained significant weight.

Captain: Any population changes?

First Officer: Nothing significant.

Captain: Aliens, I have no idea why we think it's so important to study these creatures.




Week Four.  And we are off on the fourth work from home week. The TV is filled with anguish--lots of different kinds of anguish: economic, social and health. They tell us that this will be a week of death. Maybe the worst week for death we've seen in our country's history. I've buried any complaints I might have. I'm putting my head down...embracing the work and turning off the news for large chunks of the day (Ok, actually more like "moderate" chunks).


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