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Sleep. Everyone seems to be getting more sleep. More relaxation. We've slowed down. Might not be all bad. Can we plan this out a little better for the next time? Are we 100 years away from the next time? Will we fail to prepare because it's 100 years away?




Food. This is the week to stay home. This is the week not to leave your house. This is the week to use those food stores and not go outside. That's been the best advice from the Doctors. I can't say I understand why this week is so important as compared to the last four weeks especially since it takes 2 to 3 weeks for the infected to manifest symptoms, but I don't think I'll challenge this advice right now. And yet our food stores were starting dwindle. Eve struggled to order from the food delivery service. The site had a ton of errors and misinformation and it took her 3 hours on hold to resolve those errors. Along the way her many attempts to make this finally resulted in a successful delivery last night. Eve wasn't happy about all the shopping choices but at least we didn't risk leaving the house. We also learned that her many attempts resulted in multiple shopping requests. Apparently we are getting food deliveries again today and on Friday. And yet no flour (we settled for gluton free) and other necessities. We still hear complaints from friends about their toilet paper supply and the lack of TP on the shelves. I'm a little embarrassed to say that we have enough toilet paper to last us into late August.


Boris Johnson. The UK's leader was late to take protective measures and they are now paying the price with some of the fasted growth rates. He acknowledged a week or so ago that he had tested positive but claimed from isolation that he was feeling fine. He was taken to the hospital a couple of days ago and apparently was moved to the ICU and is on oxygen. I hope for the best but this may well become the face of the response to the coronavirus. This has gotten everyone's attention around the world. It seems clear that when it comes to the response to this pandemic that there will be winners and losers. California appears to be on track to be a winner. Germany looks like it will be a winner. But the US and UK have some of the fastest growing problems right now.


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