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Never Mind


Virus? What Virus?


The CDC announced last week that their new guidance no longer requires a mask for fully vaccinated people.  The exceptions (health care, public transportation) are related to conflicts in policy, but the science appears to be clear that for those fully vaccinated, it's safe to remove the mask and eliminate the need for social distancing. Importantly, this guidance applies to both indoor and outdoor public spaces. This essentially means we are done. Virus over. Carry on about your day.


There was a certain amount of whiplash that many of us experienced when we heard this news. Yes, there is still risk to the unvaccinated. Yes, there are many within our society that can not be vaccinated and there is risk to these people. Most notably children under 12 are not yet approved for the vaccine. We have a friend who is allergic to the vaccinate and unfortunately will never get the vaccinate. Locally in San Mateo county we are approaching 80% of eligible adults having received at least one shot. Nationwide that number is closer to 60% and the president has set the goal of 70% nationwide by July. It feels like we will hit that.


Many are still reluctant to take the vaccine. They present a danger to the unvaccinated, but apparently not the vaccinated.


All of the above is, to the best of my knowledge, fact and yet the confusion is massive. I've heard medical experts talking about the risk of the unmasked & unvaccinated in our society. The risk sounds low. Even if somehow the virus breaks through the vaccine, the virus load is low and doesn't great significant illness and struggles to spread. With the exception of those that can't take vaccine, we are entering a world that Darwin would find familiar. Those that choose to remain unvaccinated are accepting a risk and in our free society, they are welcome to make that choice. They don't have the right to infect others (there should be mask laws for the unvaccinated). They do have the right take their chances without as long as it only impacts them. Frankly, the science is clear--the vaccine works and works well. This may be a time when the SMART evolve and the DUMB fail to evolve. Only the strong (or smart) survive.



May 19. 2021

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