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Daily Nexus Circa 1981


UC Santa Barbara's Daily Newspaper, the Daily Nexus, became my home for three of my four college years. It became my social scene and where I would meet my future wife. There was no "on-line" back then and we thought that once printed the paper would quickly fade away. It was only recently that I discovered that every edition has been preserved. I learned much about management, responsibility and tenacity.


First Cover Shot where I was assigned to take pictures of the fog.


My roommates were some of the most photographed people on campus.


There was very little real news. This is as close as we got.



The first of what would be dozens of cute kids shots and black and white sunset sets.


It turns out that I got a lot of free front row access to concerts.


 There weren't too many photos OF me but this is one


 First time Eve & Greg had bylines together


News of the world creeps in but nothing could bump a
cute kid photo off the front page


If I had to pick one photo, this would be the one.
As with most great photos, I got lucky and the
fire cooperated giving the perfect backlight.


I took this walking to campus one day. I found it early in my day which took the stress off of being able to
fill the photo hole. But I made a mistake in mixing chemicals under-developing half the frame.
The off-center cropping was the best the mistake would allow


Reagan in Santa Barbara


The non-news I would become famous for.



Sports was hard with my non-professional equipment


Dorm friends


April Fools


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