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Spare the Air. Yesterday was the 28th "spare the air" day in a row. There are many places on earth where this might not be big news but it's devastating here. We've added air quality apps to our phone. We bypass the temperature to look at the air quality and our normal breeze and winds are just a vague memory right now. I've missed two planned workouts despite working out in doors just because after 28 days it's a mistake to believe the air inside is any cleaner than the air outside. Today we are below 100 for the first time in a while. We've moved from red and purple to a reasonable shade of orange hoping for yellow and some day soon our norm of green. The forecast suggests that this will be a thing of the past by tomorrow. I'm ready to open up the windows and let the beautiful fall air into the house.  Once we fill the house with clean air again, I can return to my normal quarantine worries.


Air quality across the US yesterday on 9/14/20



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