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The Bubble. I listened to an interesting report on how the NBA has had success (40 days in) at creating and protecting a bubble where all the teams and personnel isolate within 4 hotels on the Disneyworld property. They abide by a 145 page document that regulates everything from how they play cards and ping pong to where they get their food. They can't see their families initially and failure to abide comes with a 10 day hotel room prison sentence. They created a special app that requires temperature and oxygen checks every day and they wear a bracelet that beeps if they are too close for too long. Maybe the most interesting thing was that the cost to house a portion of the league for two to three months costs $180 million. And yet the schools are expected to open with their existing budgets? So far so good but the level of effort is massive.




Monsters. I'm pretty good at fighting monsters but no human can fight a concerted monster attack from all sides. All Americans have been wrestling with the Covid monster starting in March. That's a big one and some succumbed to this one monster. I stood strong. This week, however, two additional monsters attacked. The Prius was burglarized making off with the catalytic converter and setting back it's owner (and the insurance company) a significant chunk of savings. And the lightning from last week are fires this week threatening old growth peninsula redwoods and some of the prettiest spots in the Bay Area. But the smoke that hangs in our air is a monster that keeps the windows closed and the best monster defense is to stay in the house. We are only human and can only defend ourselves against so many monsters at one time. I'm wounded but still standing...for now.


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