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School.  There are a few things that Americans all have in common. Football and professional sports is something we collectively share. School is one of those. I sent my nephew enough beer to simulate the orientation experience that he will not have. We saw a high school senior on the news who was suspended for posting a photo of an overcroweded school hallway with few masks. Her suspension added fuel to the post and sends shockwave of concerns. The rules CDC guidelines are quite precise. Why do we feel like it's ok to bend those rules when they become tough to apply to any one industry? Education is important. One year of disruption in the big scheme of things is something society can deal with. Ignoring best health practices may not be something we can deal with. There are many forms of education. Let's challenge school age kids of all ages to use the next year to follow their own learning passions.




Soccer. Living across the street from a park gives us a close up look at how people handle the limitations on the things that make life pleasurable. We see camps in the park (following appropriate health orders), the boot camp work outs as well as joggers, walkers and dogs. Some are masked but most aren't but everyone is making an effort to distance themselves (or most everyone). Every weekend for the past 8 a group of hispanic men show up to play soccer in the park. This is in direct violation to the health order. There were a few at first but it's grown to two full games (40 people or so) out there in full contact maskless games. Of course the leagues that are supposed to be using the fields have all been canceled. At first I took pity on them. Maybe they were part of a work group that was in a bubble of their own, I reasoned. But it became clear that it was much more...either ignorance or a willful disregard for everyone's safety. Eve was worried that it would create a virus cloud that could infect the field for hours if not days afterwards. My sympathy ended today. I called the police. The police took my report. It's been 30 minutes. They are still playing.


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