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Binge.  We completed Season 1 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and it's rattling around in my head 12 hours later. Excellent acting, excellent writing interesting story line and great visually. On to Season 2.


Haircut. I went. Eve begged me to go to a clean city but I went to an infected one instead. I was the only customer. The guy before me had stormed out because he wanted a discount if they were going to cut his hair while he wore a mask. They said no. He left. I was in and out in 15 minutes. Got it cut a little shorter than usual. The hairdresser wouldn't stop talking. Would have preferred less talk. But in the process I learned that a San Jose Salon she works at is having trouble hiring people back because of the extra $600 in unemployment insurance that they are getting. Essentially they make more money staying at home so why would they work. That factoid took my brain a very long time to process. Good evidence that I don't know how to think like a low wage employee because the idea of doing nothing sounded horrible to me. Hair looks good. Now we guess about whether I got in an out without catching anything.


Fogging Glasses. Wearing a mask and glasses at the same time is part art part science. I'm not sure how the doctors do it. We bought some stuff to spray on the glasses and that helps but there's just a lot of moisture in our breath--who knew?! I saw a reporter asking the president a question in the press room. His glasses were completely steamed up so you couldn't see his eyes. He became immediately uncomfortable while he was asking his question...fiddling with the nose clip and adjusting his glasses to reduce the fog. He tried to act natural but it was anything but natural. Clearly he was all adjusted before it was time to ask the question so you have to conclude that nerves can influence the amount of moisture coming out of our mouths. Can we get a scientist to study more about fogging glasses and how to prevent?


Baseball. I'm bored again.




Death. Regis Philbin died yesterday. Olivia de Havilland died today. And about a thousand people died across the country from Covid. I'm in the week of my birth. I have less ahead than I have behind. The march continues. Do I see it or am I imagining the light at the end of the tunnel? One day closer to death. A week for celebration!


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