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Drugged Dog. Thank god the semi-annual "dog turns into nut case holiday" is over. New Year's Eve and the Fourth of July are two nights where I age in dog years.


Aerosol. Apparently there is a difference between a virus that is passed through "droplets" vs. "aerosol." For us laymen, droplets succumb to gravity and aerosol, not so much. While I listen to the maskless yells from the soccer game at the park, we need to wonder how long the disease can suspend in the air. If true there is no safe seat in an airplane. There is no safe seat in a restaurant. I have personally concluded that all beaches are safe because this is an easy place to socially distance and the wind plays a role. But, I suspect that the 6 feet rule is pure fiction and is safe under no circumstances.




Masks. Seeing fewer masks on TV. The UK had a massive return to the pubs with little apparent masking. Stand by for the consequences in two weeks. My early morning dog walk is getting more crowded. I'm seeing more people up and about early in the day. In the past when I would counter a regular handful of people all on the same schedule, now I'm seeing new regulars many of them wearing masks. I had always assumed that the lack of people, the early hour and the great outdoors was sufficient to leave the mask in my pocket. Increasingly it's getting harder to walk the dog without a mask.


Big Band Music. Our fourth of July (and 3rd and 5th) was spent dealing with a dog that is terrified of fireworks. If she hears a boom she shivers, and paces, and cowers in the bathroom for hours after the "excitement" ends. This happens twice a year on New Year's and the Fourth and this year we decided to use our old school technology: a radio. We wired the house when we first moved in with speakers in a few rooms. We almost never use this anymore opting for online solutions instead that require no such wires. But when you want to blanket the entire house with noise, this was the best solution. But what radio station. We ultimately found a Big Band Station operated by a local high school. It felt like we spent our Fourth on Main Street at Disneyland listening to this old time upbeat music. We are ready to return to the distant future.


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