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Cracking. Writing this blog is pretty easy. Type in a few words. Log the date and update the links. Not too hard. Well somehow it was too hard for me and now I'm worried that I didn't forget to write on 6/9, but I wrote over the wisdom from 6/7 and 6/8. Yes, these pearls of wisdom have been lost to history. My skills are fading! What really upsets me is that I can't remember those pearls of wisdom. This is going to bug me.


Tennis. The city opened up its tennis courts but they are now pay-per-hour where for the last 28 years I've lived here they have been free. Why? They have hired a monitor to watch the tennis and make sure people follow social distancing guidelines. Why? Because they are worried about being sued. Wonder what's wrong with our country. This is might be a good place to start.


Brother. My brother is coming to pick up my Niece's clothes that were abandoned when Stanford closed mid-semester. He wondered if we could get together briefly. We didn't want to try a restaurant. We proposed a picnic. We ultimately decided it was all too hard. The virus continues to impact our lives.


Virtual Celebrations. There's a family birthday today and a graduation. The birthday present is food delivered. The graduation celebration will be over zoom.


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Zoom. Since before the pandemic, I've made my living largely by talking on Zoom. Of course since the pandemic that has intensified. I spent 7 hours the other day on a Zoom call. Then we hopped over to a graduation celebration with 15 other people all talking at once. It's horrible. I think it's probably nice for the grandparents who have been largely isolated for 3 months, but it takes a family event and it wraps it in all the frustration of work. Sort of like using your office as the location for a party.


Day 90. Yesterday was Day 90. That's a quarter of a year. That's three months. That's a full season. That's a long time. That's all.


Take Out. My father turned 83 yesterday. We went back and forth about a present and he ultimately said "never mind." I pushed on and suggested that I supply dinner. That was a novel suggestion. It turned out that was a great idea. It was easy to order. It's something we do all the time, but for some reason for my parents' generation (I got the same thing for my mom's birthday) having food delivered during a quarantine is somewhat special. He seemed thrilled.


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