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What did they say. The world health organization (WHO) announced that transmission from asymptomatic people is "rare." That's counter to the story we heard out of Washington State where a choir group was infected by someone who was asymptomatic and it directly counters the advice of our own CDC. WHO says that data from Taiwan and Germany where aggressive contact tracing was employed suggest that that most of the pass along infections happen when symptoms are present. This potentially changes everything. If we all "know" when we are potentially contagious that takes virtually all the mystery out of the disease (that's a good thing). All of a sudden the temperature scans sound like a great defense. And yet it wasn't on the nightly news. I scanned page one of CNN and it wasn't there either. I had to search on the article (I had originally seen on Facebook) to get more detail. While I don't understand why this story didn't get more coverage, because I think it's big news, the details I ultimately read may be why. It turns out that there is a phase called pre-symptomatic which is the period of time when an initial first symptom emerges. There is also a group of people who get very light symptoms who don't realize that they have coronavirus. So the news is interesting but the details are bedeviling.




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