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70,000. I'm not getting to 10,000 steps a day. Used to be easy. A little harder now. Yesterday I walked the dog about 4pm and for the first time it was hard to navigate the walk and still staying six feet away from other people. It was Mother's Day. The weather was beautiful. And walking was, for most people, the only activity available. One kid was riding his bike and came whizzing by me in less than six feet. I felt the urge to shout and the snot nose little bugger, but I did not. The only good news, I made it to 70,000 mostly by doing chores around the house.




I'm a painter. I thought it was funny that President Bush took up painting in his retirement. What a silly hobby I thought. After two Zoom Paint Parties in the past month, however, I've decided that this is the hobby for me. Well, let's just say I'm enamored with the idea and seem unbothered by the lack of ability to draw anything! In my head you don't need to draw to paint. I placed an order for a beginner set of supplies. Eve has asked that maybe I consider a less messy hobby, but agreed to let me paint in the garage. "No," I said, "I took a You Tube lesson and the first rule was to work in a place with as much light as possible." Her response, well they don't know how messy you are. And so it begins...I'm a painter or at least will be soon.


Imaginary Headlines. As a former journalist I'm fascinated by 2020's headlines. PRESIDENT IMPEACHED and VIRUS SHUTS DOWN GLOBAL ECONOMY are certainly two headlines that would have been prominent in any telling of the history of this century, but for both to happen in the same year is a journalistic rarity. So what other headline is possible that could be as big? While this is imagined, the headlines should be both plausible and historic. A headline like BIDEN ELECTED PRESIDENT for example, may be more than a mention in next century's history books. A headline like DEMOCRATS CONTROL THE WHITE HOUSE AND BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS also might not be enough to stand the test of time. So what would have to happen? Well below are a few headlines that I think are at least somewhat in the realm of possibility.

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