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Dream. His breath was hot and steamy. He was laughing as he pulled me close, his arm around my neck pulling me in tight. He was giving me bad news but in a positive way. This was someone who sometimes positioned himself as a friend but then wasn't ready to reciprocate when it wasn't convenient. I felt hot, sticky, his breath smelled and I just wanted to get away from him and this discussion. Then it dawned on me. He was inside my six foot social distancing bubble. The fright and then the panic shot through my veins. And I was wide awake and soaked in sweat. That was my first lock down nightmare!


Birthday Celebration. Last night's birthday celebration was modest but fun. We ordered a fancy Italian dinner and dinner. From the time I pulled up out front until the the time restaurant placed my bag through the open window and onto my front seat took all of 2 minutes. We had cake (also delivered to my car door). Then there were used decorations and mad scramble for an appropriate number of candles before we got to presents. The evening was capped with a multi-player online escape room that allowed Scott to join us remotely.



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Paint Day. It was paint day today.


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