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Phone Apps. I think it's clear that the software industry has no issues working from home. My phones apps seem to be getting updated at the same ridiculous pace as always. I'm wondering what those people at the CBS Sports app might be doing with all of their updates. This was an app I looked at once a day before all of this started, but now it has nothing to pique my interest.


Bio Breaks. They happen during meetings now!


Dogs. Saw a friend while walking the dog who told me that he was able to get a "hair appointment" for his dog. Apparently the people are shut down but dog hair is seen as an essential service. Beyond hair, my dog got her nails done today. Of course when a dog gets her nails done it does have a medical benefit but suffice it to say that the dogs feel prettier than the humans right now.




Beard. Gone. Exactly 5 weeks and done.



Dog Walk. Walking the dog is fine as long as the sidewalks have only other walkers. We can manage to give each other enough space, but the joggers are the leaf blowers of our socially distant world. They are panting and breathing up a storm as they opt for "speed" as opposed to a true 6 feet of distance. I request the following new guidelines

  1. Joggers and other heavy breathers must maintain a 12 foot distance at all times.

  2. Joggers should be allowed to jog in the street during designated hours and any cars on the road will just have to deal with it.

Bagels. It was just two weeks ago that I regretted not wearing a face mask when I bought bagels. Today, by order of San Mateo County health, I had to. I went for the blue bandana look. I felt safe in the store. I laughed at their spelling, but appreciated their commitment to safety.



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