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Monotony. Start of week three of working from home.  Same as last week. And we know that there is at least a month to go. Actually, 32 days to go. Finding it difficult to get up for the day.


Beard Update. My beard passed the two-week mark over the weekend. This was the same weekend that our lockdown was extended until at least the end of April. I'm not sure I can make it much longer. Not with the lockdown, but with this beard. It looks horrible and it itches. It's almost as if every facial hair is a snake wiggling around all the time. Is this discomfort a short-term thing? How do people live with this pest on their face? Eve notices every time I scratch and yells at me not to touch my face. I try, but I fail. The beard might not be long fr this world. Can I consider this bucket list item checked off?


Business. Every company I've spoken to in the past two weeks has had to adjust their plan because of the virus. Most are slowing down our sales conversations. We just closed our first "lockdown deal." What was the key to victory? I'm not exactly sure but their business is alcohol home delivery. You think this virus is good for this business? Yes! I think the virus might have helped here.




Feelings. I'm feeling more optimistic today. That's all. Maybe it was the article that I read about SF Bay Area hospitals that are actually "lighter" than normal. Everyone in their home apparently causes fewer underlying illness and accidents. It looks like our efforts might be working. Sure, it's too early to tell, but I'm going to take this one.


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