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Risk. We played Risk last night. It's a game of world domination. Kevin dominated the world. I had the best strategy, but somehow I lost. I use the same strategy every time. I don't remember winning, but there's no doubt it's the best strategy. The world is now run by a twenty-something with a very bossy streak to his personality. But it's a sunny day.


Beard Update. Kevin abandoned me and shaved yesterday. Now all the "disgust" is directed at me. I admit that it doesn't look so hot and is a bit hard to look at today, but if you squint just right....


In other news



Bureaucracies. We got our tax return in the mail. There are a few things still working that my government does well!


Math. I think it's interesting that  politicians feel the need to explain math. While the daily "new cases" and "death" counts continue to grow, the rate of growth is declining. That's a pretty straightforward concept. It's a math concept that is consistent with a high school diploma. Do they really need to explain  this? Is this really such a hard concept.


Escape Room. Our family loves to go to escape rooms and have done so in numerous cities. Of course today even touching all those well-touched clues feels like a mistake and yet more than ever aren't all of us really just trying to escape the comfort of our own homes. Seems like the beginning of a new Escape Room theme for when we finally get back to normal.



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