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Off to Australia

When we discussed the idea of a family vacation a year ago everyone readily agreed. An all expense vacation and the only catch was having to spend it with my family. No problem! We set dates readily but then had to decide on a destination. We had to satisfy all 11 people and that would prove harder than we thought. Some would have been happy with a domestic trip, others were weather and temperature-centric in their preferences, while others wanted to crawl new corners of the globe.

Ultimately it became clear that Australia met our criteria but I don’t think it was anyone’s first choice. While not a domestic location, the language was fairly easy to get the hang of, the weather was full summer and it was definitely a new corner of the globe for many of us. So while none of began the process “craving” Australia we ultimately couldn’t have been happier with our selection.

For this family the perfect vacation requires plenty of animals, some water, and plenty of adventurous activities. Australia met all of these requirements. We traveled from Sydney to Cairns to Adelaide with a jaunt to Kangaroo Island.

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Here are some of my highlights from a very fun trip:


December 31, 2015

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