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To the Airport


Two boys. Two flights back to school. Two hours apart.


Busiest flying day of the year. Rainiest day in the Bay Area of the year. Both delayed. No surprise.

First boy delayed 30 minutes, then 60 then 90. We waited patiently and then zipped him to the airport with efficiency. Second boy delayed one then two hours. Scheduled for 6:30 now moved to 8:30.

One father. Not relaxed about getting to the airport. Likes to be there early. Minimize the stress at every opportunity. Sipping tea at 5:25 and decides to check the flight time again. Not sure why I seem to check so often. It says 6:45. Surprised. Must be wrong. Three other sites say 8:30. Then two. Then one. Then none. All websites agree on 6:45. Try calling. 30 minute hold time. Have to trust the internet. Yelling. Shouting. Rushing. Stress rises. Mother not home to give boy send off kiss.

Out the door by 5:45. Slick roads. Fast driving. Dogs in the car. Airport by 6:00. Record time. Boy to gate by 6:15.

Two boys. Both gone.



November 30, 2014

© Greg Harris, 2014

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