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Welcome Luna


We welcomed Luna into our home this weekend. Since our first golden retriever puppy (BJ) in 1989 we've had the pleasure of sharing our lives with an uninterrupted series of goldens from Corky to Amber to Caly. As Caly approaches her 13th birthday and with the human boys gone, we felt the house needed to bring a bit of youth into the family. For the first time instead of starting with a puppy, we have adopted an older dog. Luna is a three year old (12/10/2018) and has bounced around a bit in her young life. We think that bouncing has come to an abrupt end.


Luna is pictured above with two of the 21 gorgeous puppies she has given birth to in two litters, but living full time with her breeder was not an ideal life for Luna. Like all goldens, this master race requires a massive amount of attention and works best in a home full of unused arms ready to pet and pamper her.


While we've only known each other for about 24 hours, we are already all fast friends. Caly is teaching Luna all about what it means to be "mature" and Luna is teaching all of us what it means to enjoy every minute of life. She has a sweet and loving disposition. Luna grew up on an Almond Farm in Modesto, CA and is quickly learning how to shed her country girl roots and learning how to become a city girl.





February 6, 2022

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