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I'm pretty clear about MY priorities when I visit Hawaii. I know exactly when the sun will set and no matter the planned activity, I make it a point to have my camera pointed to the sky at the appropriate time. My family consistently ridiculed my priorities of nature over family. And yet there is no better place to appreciate the sunset and this was the highlight of every trip.


I was thrilled to see that when Kevin & Mary went to Hawaii, that Kevin apparently continued the same tradition he ridiculed. Granted this was a business trip for Mary and no doubt he found himself with less to do than he might otherwise be doing but he seemed to follow in his father's footsteps. I got a text message the first day that said "Too cloudy, no sunset tonight." I replied "wait for it." Sure enough the result was spectacular. I remained stateside and performed photoshopping duties while Kevin captured the sun's brilliance night after night.




September 18, 2022

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