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Half Moon Bay


We took Luna and Caly to Half Moon Bay. Caly at 13 seemed to know exactly where she was and uncharacteristically for this old lady was out in front as we made the long walk to the water. Once we arrived the years shed off her old body as she made a bee line for the water only to stumble a bit and realize that her mind may be young but her legs not so much. She clearly was happy being at the beach, was smiling through much of the day and only seemed disappointed that she couldn't shake off the water like she once could.


For Luna (3) everything was new. New smells. New sounds. New experiences. She was fine with the water but the idea of swimming was beyond her. We tried again and again to coax her past the point where she could stand and as the video below demonstrates, after many tries she finally was successful.



Half Moon Bay Beach Day



August 27, 2022

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