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Father's Day


It was very much a coming out party. Our first family event outside the home since before the pandemic. We ate at a restaurant together (Dim Sum at Yank Sing), enjoyed an escape room together and gorged on the most amazing Ghirardelli ice cream. All the while keeping an electronic eye on Caly who guarded the house.


We've done many escape rooms and this was clearly one of the best in terms of both design and theme. We found ourselves in a cabin that was housing some amazing gold nuggets if we could figure out how to find it. We were asked if we wanted hints and that's when the fighting began. "This is normal," I said, "we fight when we do to escape rooms--it's sort of our way." The host took note of the dysfunctional family and locked us in. 47 minutes later we hadn't asked for a hint and even failed to speak a sharp word. The host was clearly impressed telling us that this was a 8 on a 10 point scale of difficulty. We did a good job of working as a team, solving puzzles and after 10+ escape rooms we knew which person would need to lead on which puzzles.


The eating was spectacular and then we came home to find a happy dog and lots of recorded sports to watch on TV. I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend Father's Day.






June 20, 2021

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