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Photo Shoot


The sun was up, the weather was warm and the camera was fully charged. I set out on a mission to take a photo drive and promised myself that I would stop every time I saw something even moderately interesting. Too often in life, I'm in a hurry or aren't positive that a scene will be worthy of stopping to take a picture and I find myself editing before I even know. Well on this day the goal was to stop every time something visually stimulating popped up. And there was lots popping.


Living in San Mateo County, I sometimes forget that while most of my life is spent navigating the suburbs of the Silicon Valley, that there is more to this county than office parks, freeways and places to shop. We have state parks, amazing redwood trees and places in the county where a cell signal can only dream about traveling to. Much of the county is protected open space which creates a nature playground in our own backyard. On this day, however by simply popping over the hill, I took a drive down the coast to see some of the most treasured views in California stopping in Pacifica, Devil's Slide and Half Moon Bay.




Devil's Slide




October 2, 2017

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