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Giants Baseball = Torture!


We were lucky enough to snag some playoff tickets to the second game of the Giants first playoff trip in seven years. While the boys both remembered when we saw the 2002 Giants in the playoffs, that was a fading memory. This was unlike any of the other game we saw this year with a playoff energy that was, for most of the night, very much a party atmosphere with complete strangers high fiving and enjoying our shared experience. All of that changed when the good guys gave up a 4 to 1 lead in the 8th only to lose 5 to 4 to the Braves in 11 innings. It was a painful loss, but it was characteristic of the Giants 2010 season. Torture!



After losing game 2, the Giants would take game three and game four in Atlanta to win the NLDS 3 games to 1. All four games were one run games and in 3 of the 4 games the winning team came from behind to win. On to take on the Phillies in the NLCS.


October 8, 2010

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